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Cedric Brehaut, Reporter, GreenTech Media
August 20, 2013

Locus Energy is out with a new product that expands solar monitoring capabilities.

Innovation is rare in the solar PV monitoring space, where the difference between competing products is often based on detailed features and functions, leaving the impression that all solutions are very similar. But the latest product announcement from Locus Energy has made a big splash and may change the game in the U.S. residential PV monitoring market.

In other words, so far U.S. PV system owners and operators have had to choose between Locus, a feature-rich metering and monitoring platform with reliability issues due to its dependency on the homeowner’s network, or another monitoring platform based on Itron, a highly reliable cellular metering solution with limited data and little troubleshooting capability. The Lgate 120 product announced by Locus today seems to resolve this dilemma.

The new Lgate 120 could lead the way for a new generation of residential PV metering and monitoring hardware for solar leasing and power purchase agreement firms.

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Hermin K. Trabish, Reporter, GreenTech Media
February 16, 2013

A waterfall of data could cut solar O&M costs.

“What is unique about our service,” explained Locus Energy VP Adrian De Luca, “is that we take that data and combine it with proprietary analytics.” Computer screen dashboards that monitor renewable energy systems and report field data are now commonplace. Locus Energy believes it has an edge there.

“Virtual irradiance,” said De Luca, “is a calculation engine that runs every fifteen minutes and will tell the user how much sunlight is hitting the ground anywhere in the continental U.S. with a one-kilometer-by-one-kilometer resolution.”

“What is different about the Locus formula,” he explained, "is that every five minutes, as we get a reading from the field, we also generate an identical value for expected performance, and so there is a constant true-up of what happened and what should have happened.”