Fleet Management

Locus Energy’s SolarNOC™ (Network Operation Center) is a cloud-based software application providing enterprise-class tools for fleet managers to collect, organize and assess performance data from a diverse set of solar PV assets.

SolarNOC™ provides system stakeholders with an unprecedented level of control over how performance data is aggregated and displayed through filters that are accessed from a customized dashboard. Fleets can be managed across multiple dimensions by installer, geographical region, system size, equipment type, install date, finance partner and many other criteria. For example, a filter can be created that tracks all projects in New Jersey with inverters from a specific manufacturer that have been installed in the last 60 days.

Another strength of SolarNOC™ is its ability to handle data from a wide range of sources, including inverter direct data, legacy monitoring systems and third-party performance data sets. The introduction of Locus’ powerful PVIQ data analytics platform means that fleet managers can access yet another layer of system intelligence through SolarNOC™ in the form of Locus’ Virtual Irradiance (VI) tool and Waterfall report, which provide valuable insight into why a system isn’t meeting performance expectations.

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SolarNOC users can easily create and manage custom role based business intelligence dashboards.


  • Drag and drop content modules
  • Easy setup of custom alert watch lists
  • Quick drill down into data charting or alert ticket management
  • At a glance diagnostic summaries

The real power of the SolarNOC is the ability to set filters which create dynamic groups of assets whether they be entire projects or individual components.

  • Groups are created by setting filters in a powerful, yet intuitive interface
  • Assets can be dynamically grouped by location, equipment manufacturer, diagnostic status, keywords and other criteria
  • Saved groups are accessible throughout the NOC platform: portfolio dashboard, charting tool and alerting interface

Locus Energy enables end to end solar asset management workflow by automating the aggregation of performance data from multiple sources and making it available programmatically via open API.  We enable our partners to build their own front end applications, integrate with O&M ticketing systems, warehouse fleet data and much more.

  • Locus Energy collects data from a variety of devices and back-end systems: inverter direct feeds, third-party data loggers, legacy monitoring providers, public weather data feeds and others
  • Our database was designed specifically to handle high volumes of data and provide low latency access to lifetime data and at maximum granularity
  • We offer a robust API which our partners rely on for fleet billing, ERP/CRM system integration and other critical business processes

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