Fleet Management

Locus Energy’s SolarNOC™ (Network Operation Center) is a cloud-based software application providing enterprise-class tools for fleet managers to collect, organize and assess performance data from a diverse set of solar PV assets.

SolarNOC™ provides system stakeholders with an unprecedented level of control over how performance data is aggregated and displayed through filters that are accessed from a customized dashboard. Fleets can be managed across multiple dimensions by installer, geographical region, system size, equipment type, install date, finance partner and many other criteria. For example, a filter can be created that tracks all projects in New Jersey with inverters from a specific manufacturer that have been installed in the last 60 days.

Another strength of SolarNOC™ is its ability to handle data from a wide range of sources, including inverter direct data, legacy monitoring systems and third-party performance data sets. The introduction of Locus’ powerful PVIQ data analytics platform means that fleet managers can access yet another layer of system intelligence through SolarNOC™ in the form of Locus’ Virtual Irradiance (VI) tool and Waterfall report, which provide valuable insight into why a system isn’t meeting performance expectations.

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SolarNOC users can easily create and manage custom role based business intelligence dashboards.


  • Drag and drop content modules
  • Easy setup of custom alert watch lists
  • Quick drill down into data charting or alert ticket management
  • At a glance diagnostic summaries

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