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About Genscape

A nimble, innovation-minded company, Genscape thrives on increasing transparency across global commodity and energy markets

With the world’s largest network of patented and proprietary monitoring technologies, Genscape delivers unique, real-time fundamental data to provide market insight and intelligence

A Brief History: We Invented this Market

Genscape was founded in 1999 by two power traders who grew frustrated with the lack of transparency into the market – and set about inventing new technologies to expand high quality data access to more market participants than ever before.

Over the past decade, Genscape has invested heavily in research and development, and continues to be awarded numerous patents. Genscape continues to build an extensive network and a wide range of tools to better inform trading and operational strategies surrounding energy supply chains. Now operating the world’s largest private network of in-the-field monitors, Genscape has added satellite reconnaissance, artificial intelligence, and maritime freight tracking to its data acquisition capabilities. Today, Genscape delivers its unique brand of unsurpassed market intelligence across the commodity and energy spectrum: power, oil, natural gas, petrochemical and NGL, agriculture, biofuels, and maritime freight.  

In 2017, Jon Ecker was appointed as CEO of Genscape, building upon Genscape’s core brand value: to provide the highest quality fundamental data faster than any other organization, bar none.

Proprietary Data and Delivery

Genscape measures market fundamentals using thousands of patented and proprietary land, sea, and satellite monitors strategically deployed worldwide, delivering exceptional insight and intelligence to clients. Genscape data and intelligence are delivered to customers through a web-based interface, as PDF reports, and/or via direct data feeds into customer or third-party trading and publishing systems.


Genscape provides its information through a subscription service. Customers include the majority of the top global commodity and energy trading hedge funds, banks, producers, marketers, as well as numerous government entities, including U.S. Department of Energy and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC).  

Since 2013, small-to-midsize market participants are purchasing more from Genscape, as the price-to-value relationship is increasingly attractive to otherwise large, upfront investments in monitoring, information technology, and in-house processing teams.  By leveraging Genscape’s unsurpassed data quality, new market participants can better leverage their resources into more sophisticated trading or risk management activities.

Parent Company

Genscape is part of the Daily Mail and General Trust plc. ("DMGT"), which manages a diverse, multinational portfolio of companies, with total revenues around £1.5bn, that provide businesses and consumers with compelling information, analysis, insight, events, news, and entertainment. DMGT is also a founding investor and the largest shareholder of Euromoney Institutional Investor PLC and ZPG PLC. To learn more about DMGT, please click here.