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Residential Solar
October 15, 2015
The residential solar market is booming, with over 400 megawatts (MW) added in Q1 2015 alone. One of the major leaders in the space is Connecticut, which is considered one of the top ten states for solar power.  While many people associate residential solar with sunny climates, market conditions such...
Luke Emery-Fertitta
August 04, 2015
At Locus Energy, there are a few different types of databases, each containing large quantities of data that are moved around frequently for caching or ease of access. This process comes with the unique challenge of determining an efficient and reliable method for inter-database data transfer. Some...
Charles McBrearty, Software Engineer
June 02, 2015
One of the best parts about working on the analytics team at Locus Energy is its access to one of the world's largest repositories of photovoltaic power generation and solar irradiance data sets. This gives the analytics team an opportunity to apply machine learning algorithms to a data set...
Alex Thornton, Director of Engineering
May 14, 2015
Confronted with a choice of frontend technologies, the team at Locus Energy recently did a bake off between Angular and Ember to decide the fate of the frontend. The team weighed many aspects of each framework, eventually settling on Ember. Here's why. Mascot Most important things...