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Patents Granted

  • 7,706,990 Systems & Methods for Measuring Utilized Generation of at-Premise Renewable Power Systems
  • 7,742,897 System and Methods for Monitoring and Diagnosing the Power Generated by Renewable Power Systems
  • 7,809,621 On-Premise Renewable Generation Securitization
  • 8,190,395 Comparable Diagnostics for Renewable Energy Power Systems
  • 8,504,325 Comparable Diagnostics for Renewable Energy Power Systems
  • 8,738,328 Comparable Diagnostics for Renewable Energy Power Systems 
  • 8,725,458 Irradiance Mapping Leveraging A Distributed Network Of Solar Photovoltaic Systems

Patents Pending

  • Automatic System Information Determination of Distributed Renewable Energy Systems
  • Optical Flow Modeling Applications for Wind and Solar Irradiance Forecasting
  • Estimating Solar Irradiance Components from Plane of Array Irradiance and Global Horizontal Irradiance
  • Weather and Satellite Model for Estimating Solar Irradiance
  • Methods for Location Identification of Renewable Energy Systems and Environmental Sensors from Energy Production and Sensor Measurements
  • Methods for Orientation and Tilt Identification of Photovoltaic Systems and Solar Irradiance Sensors
  • Methods for Photovoltaic Performance Disaggregation
  • Methods and Systems for Real-Time Solar Forecasting Incorporating a Ground Network

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