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Posted September 25, 2018
Establishes AlsoEnergy as a leading provider in the residential, commercial, industrial and utility scale PV markets with over 25 GW of power monitored across more than 190,000 sites worldwide
Posted September 08, 2017
Enables residential solar asset owners, loan providers, installers, developers, and distributors to truly understand how their PV systems are performing
Posted August 29, 2017
Helps Customers Reduce Costs, Streamline Workflows, Minimize Risk, and Increase Return on Investment
Posted July 25, 2017
Provides Fleet Operators, Asset Managers, and Performance Engineers with Critical Solar Irradiance Data, Without On-Site Sensors
Posted June 13, 2017
High-quality snow and sunlight data reduces unnecessary site visits and lowers costs
Posted June 01, 2017
New technology sheds light on how sites perform and what is driving that performance, allowing fleet operators to reach new levels of efficiency and cost-reduction
Posted February 28, 2017
With 4,843 MW coverage in the U.S. Locus monitors approximately 13.5 percent installed U.S. solar capacity
Posted February 03, 2016
Locus Energy is the largest third-party solar monitoring provider in the U.S. by sites; named to the 2015 Global Cleantech 100 Under the Radar List
Posted September 15, 2015
Launches New Migration-Without-Interruption Service to Deliver Seamless Transition of O&M Software and Billing Data
Posted August 24, 2015
Locus Platform Supports Direct Integration of Solar Performance Data Feeds from Campbell Scientific Data Logging Hardware