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Highly Accurate and Reliable Plug-and-Play Hardware Solution for Light Commercial Solar

Integrate data collection and analysis efforts with an easy-to-use solar monitoring communications gateway

Locus Energy LGate 320Locus Energy provides a range of hardware to collect performance data from solar PV systems. For light commercial systems, the LGate 320 offers a three-phase electronic watt-hour meter for remote monitoring of solar photovoltaic systems. It features a smart communications module to automatically transmit meter data over cellular or Ethernet networks, allowing system owners and operators to easily manage distributed solar assets.

The LGate 320 combines a revenue-grade, solid-state power meter with an advanced communications gateway. These components work in conjunction to remotely monitor the performance of commercial solar energy installation regardless of panel or inverter type. The LGate 320 is a single-piece, glass covered meter that installs easily using a standard socket base. Performance data is uploaded in near real-time to the Locus Energy SolarNOC monitoring platform, which provides a suite of tools and analytics for asset managers.

Data Collection: 

  • AC energy data is collected by the meter and passed to communications module
  • Additional system performance data is collected from meteorological sensors and supported inverters via RS-485 or Zigbee connections
  • Data is stored in non-volatile memory and automatically uploaded to Locus Platforms

Network Connectivity: 

  • Plug-and-play connectivity supported through cellular or Ethernet connection
  • Zero need for configuration upon installment
  • Communications gateway automatically routes uploads between the wireless and wired connections if either of the networks are unavailable, ensuring maximum reliability

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"Sun Light & Power has installed and commissioned almost one hundred successful Locus Energy monitoring systems. In the four years we have worked with them, Locus Energy has evolved their products to match our needs and has consistently provided excellent support."
Blake Gleason
Director of Engineering, Sun Light & Power
Integrate Data Collection & Analysis Efforts With an Easy-To-Use Solar Monitoring Communications Gateway